Oct 25, 2010

Personal Class

personal class available !!! sesuai untuk yang datang dari outstation
-cake continental class
-almond cluster & choc bar
-special cupcakes
-basic birthday cake class
-basic cupcakes class
-fancy cookies
-bonus : choc cake/kek kukus

3 days class Start : 11am-6.30pm
Day 1
1. self mix and bake vanilla sponge cake (3 pcs)
2. self mix and bake choc sponge cake (3pcs)
preparation for day 2
-choc banana (prepare filling n chilled overnight)
-choc black n white (prepare filling n chilled overnight)

3.special cupcakes
: bake n deco carrot coconut cc n cream cheese topping
: bake n deco red velvet cc n lemon buttercream
4. cluster n choc bar
5.premium cheese (toffee caramel)
Day 2
-cake continental
: prepare filling for creamy cheese fruity, deco with fresh cream)
: prepare filling for black forest , deco with fresh cream
: prepare choc glaze n deco choc banana n choc white cake
-basic birthday –buttercream with edible image)
-basic cupcakes 12 pcs vanilla cc (deco only-baking for cupcakes- day 3)
-doll cake (bake n deco)

Day 3
Baking n deco premium cheese
: oreo cheese
: lemon cheese
: choc with cheese cc

Baking n deco special cc
: vanilla cc with filling
: choc cc with choc buttercream
: pandan cc with coconut crumble

Bake n deco fancy cookies

interested? email myhadiah@gmail.com (open for weekdays only)

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