May 23, 2011

Schedule Class for June 2011

11th june -School holiday -fun decorating cupcakes, fancy cookies n marshmallow ( kid n mum)
9.30- 3pm RM180 per couple

12th june -School holiday -deco and cook 1 fresh cream cake n tuna bake (kid n mum)
9.30-2pm RM180 per couple

15th June-personal class (booked)
16th June- personal class (booked)

18th june - cake continental class (RM250)

19th June -DEMO -special cupcakes and Premium cupcakes RM160

23th june - personal class (booked)

25th June - Baking and deco -Bistro cake class (RM250) (1 more seat only)
9.30 - 5pm

26th june - cake continental class (RM250) (FULL)

2nd july-  10th July 2010 - DEMO Mas Delight -Biskut raya
9.30-1.30pm  or  2pm - 5.30pm

3rd July - basic cupcakes class (RM180)
9.30am - 4.30pm

9th July - Cartoon artwork with Yatt (RM250)

note :
DEMO class
combined 2 class special and premium cheese cupcakes

-cheezy mousse cupcakes (NEW)
-lemon cheese cupcake
-Choc n cheese cupcake
-carrot cupcakes
-red velvet cupcakes
-bostom cream pie cupcakes (NEW)
-strawberry cupcakes with filling (NEW)
-choc cupcakes

learn how to make 8 delicious cupcakes

Bistro Cake (NEW class) 25th june 2011

Victorian sandwich cake
(bake light buttercake, demo how to make strawberry pie filling)

Strawberry cheesy pie cake
( bake strawberry sponge cake, and prepare filling)

Boston cream pie sandwich cake
( bake light butter cake, demo how to make custard filling)

Cheezy mousse cupcakes
Bake Cheese cake in cup with choc mousse and top ganache

things to bring - 2 box fresh strawberries, spatula, turntable
Important :- Please let us know 3 days in advance if you not able to come to class

- All deposit will not be returned

- Please make sure you did not bring along your kids/friends to class

- Deposit RM50 to CIMB Account : 01040070771524 (Noorhaslinda Hassan)

- Email your payment details to

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